J. Jackson Jr. an FBI Informant

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When word leaked out yesterday that Jesse Jackson Jr. has been an FBI snitch for many years now, it sent chills down the backs of the surviving members of the Civil Rights Movement.  The very agency who turned Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Jesse Jackson Sr.’s lives into a living nightmare has flipped one of their kids.

Try to imagine, if you could, how terrible it was to live under the secret assault on liberty that the FBI dealt out to those men and their families. The constant surveillance, the wiretapping, the feeling that those men and their women felt when they couldn’t even speak openly in their own homes, knowing the place was bugged.

Now fast forward a generation and here is Jesse Jr. cooperating with the FBI, having secret meetings with FBI agents, and telling them things about all of his Chicago political buddies. For years, the Illinois State government people have had Jesse Jr. in their homes and offices. Letting Jesse Jr. in on God knows what about the rough and tumble life of the behind the scenes world of Chicago politics. The whole time this is happening, Jesse Jackson Jr. is reporting to the FBI like good rats do.

Think about how his father feels. Think about how gratifying it was to the FBI to flip the son of one of the nation’s most famous civil rights icons. The son of the very man they wiretapped a generation earlier.

More questions need to be asked of Jesse Jackson Jr., like what did the FBI have on him? People don’t just wake up one day and become an FBI informant. That’s not how it works. How it works is the FBI catches people doing bad things and offer them a deal if they cooperate. That how it works.

If Jesse Jackson Jr. is allowed to evade the question by saying he’s always told on corruption in politics, then the press is truly dead.

Clearly, that is not how it works. One thing is for sure, there is a manila folder somewhere in the offices of the FBI with Jesse Jackson Jr.’s name on it and it says “INFORMANT”.

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