Innocence Unveiled

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Today, a day like any other day, my innocence was unveiled. Shattered was the rock hope, laying in the shadow of my dreams. Slaughtered was the herd. Naive was the word, blinded by the atrocities of man.

Today, a day just like any other day, my awareness full circle, scratching away at my very soul. The evils which I now know, the terrible sights that I’ve seen in the darkest corners of the world. In the deepest pits of despair, the four corners of nowhere, all the good is canceled. My heart is nestled, hanging on a fine thread, the key.

Today, a day just like any other day. My God, what is it that I have seen? Sins against mankind, sorrow you will find. Everything means nothing to thee.

Watching the Governor Of Illinois getting arrested yesterday was a spectacle for sure. However, deeper into Joe-six-pack’s soul is a realization of how out of control things have gotten, whether it’s our leaders who get caught with tens of thousands of dollars wrapped in foil in their freezer or the political crime spree we witnessed yesterday with Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL).

It is hard for working class people to stomach what is happening in our leadership in America today. There is a void, a vacuum that needs to be filled in America today. The lack of leadership and the squandering of our nation’s wealth has been trucking along at a feverish pace for years now and we’re headed to the mountain top to pay the piper as a nation.

Once again Barrack Obama was close to the fire surrounded by smoke. We’ve heard it all. “No direct link,” “guilt by association,”  and “has nothing to do with him.” Can anyone give me an example of someone so surrounded by shady people, yet untouched by any of it?

Barack Obama comes from this very corrupt political backyard of Illinois that is the subject of one scandal after the other. How long before it touches him? Maybe he’ll just continue on walking between the raindrops.

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