Global Warming and the Jonestown Koolaid

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I always wondered, all of my life, how those people could have drunk that Koolaid at Jonestown. How could that many people believe all of that and really drink it? Later on in my life, this strange phenomenon breached my consciousness again when the Hale-Bop Comet came by the Earth and all those people wearing Nike’s tennis shoes thought the comet was the mothership that they needed to beam up to because they thought the Earth was going to be recycled. They drank the Koolaid as well. Heaven’s Gates people they were called.

Befuddled, I, later in life, was hit with this strange happening where people thought something so outrageous as a mass group, but this time it was on a worldwide scale never seen before. This time it affected people I knew, people I respected. People who for the most part hold no fringe views of anything, but just happened to believe this one thing. “Man is responsible for global warming.” To have such a big portion of the world vainly believe this nonsense is startling. To ignore the fact that the sun has everything to do with this and ignore all the time’s massive weather events have to happen before throughout the Earth’s history is to deny reality itself.

Not a single weather event in our lifetime has not happened before. Not one. Not a single weather event. All part of the ebb and flow of the planet. To believe that we are so powerful to massively change the Earth’s temperature is tantamount to thinking we are God. Yet somehow, it sinks in with so many smart people.

People confusing pollution with the Earth’s temperature. Making it a better planet together for good air quality and good water somehow morphs into some idea that we are truly affecting the Earth’s temperature to such a degree, that we would kill us all.

Madness, all of it. To have no understanding of the ice ages and the times the Earth was so hot it affected everything. Crops, migration of people and animals to adapt to the current climate at the time. Even when it happened over and over again before man walked the Earth, nothing wakes these people up who believe this fallacy.

Those of us who see through this massive facade are labeled “flat Earth people” or “people who just don’t understand like they do.” Al Gore does nothing about walking the walk of this cultist spell, yet makes millions of dollars spreading the fear of this factual holocaust. There are people filling their homes with mercury light bulbs putting a potential hazmat problem in their homes on a mass scale; believing they can stop the planet from burning up.

For thinking people, we are not in Kansas anymore. We have slipped so far down the rabbit hole that not even tapping our heels together three times will get us out of this in our lifetime.

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