Don’t Trip Over the Truth

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Important and vital to remember for conservatives this time around, is to know what we hear is true. Just because information comes to us from the right, doesn’t mean we can take it as written in stone.

In fact, it is our duty as conservatives to hold up in the light of day the information we are fed from our leaders and right-wing think tanks and make sure they pass the muster of true conservatism. Take the example of Sean Hannity’s use of Reverend Wright’s statements, the unending loop of his comments made from the pulpit seemed so “on the fringe” when Sean would play it over and over.

What Sean doesn’t tell you is the type of editing that tape was subject to. I couldn’t tell you how shocked I was to hear the Reverend Wright’s comments in its entirety and not edited. It changed the whole meaning of what Sean was presenting.

Would you be surprised to know that Reverend Wright was actually speaking in the third person? Would you be stunned to know that he told the crowd when he began, whose comments he was using? That when he was done, he even took a break, stopped and told the crowd he was now back in the first person while speaking.

Yet we were lead to believe those were his words and ideas. Now don’t be sad. This happens on both sides. Each side has an agenda and will manipulate people to their own ends.

I remember watching the Today Show live when a reporter was sitting in a canoe with her oars and rain gear on. She was paddling her way down the city streets of New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina. Right in the middle of the interview, live, two guys walked right passed her on camera and revealed that the water was only ankle deep.

Stunned, they were caught with this fraud, live, Matt and Katie just laughed and asked the reporter if that was Jesus walking on water. Even ABC was caught electrocuting hundreds of fish in a lake where they were reporting on how polluted the lake was. It looked better to have dead fish floating around the lake while reporting on how dangerous the water was. Ridiculous, all of it. The left makes and manipulates the news and our side does it too.

Just beware my beloved conservative community and always stand with the truth. We’ll never regain power if we drink our own homemade Kool-Aid. Question everything and look for a leader who will give it to us straight.

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