David Gregory Takes the Helm

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Finally, NBC has settled on a moderator for Meet the Press. David Gregory was chosen to permanently replace Tim Russert and stop the slow bleed that was occurring while Tom Brokaw nearly ruined the show in its transition. This move comes one week after Tom shamed himself and the show with one of the most softball interviews with Ted Turner. A week after Brokaw had Turner sing an old folk song live in a bizarre episode of Meet the Press, NBC ostensibly had enough.

With its own integrity on the line, NBC reached down into their bullpen and pulled up the only possible replacement they had in the ocean of mediocrity they possessed. David Gregory, in truth, was the only qualified person they had employed at the network. He was the only hard hitting, speak truth to power journalist who did not wear their ideology on one’s sleeve.

When Gregory was just a reporter at the White house, he made his bones by replacing Sam Donaldson as the loud-mouth reporter shouting out questions to the president. David is a good choice to keep Meet the Press appointment for the country on Sunday mornings.

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