The Clinton Third Term

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Remarkably, now that the “change Madison Avenue pitch” has been unveiled in its entirety, what has been revealed is something so bizarre that even liberal pundits are searching for ways to explain it. After defeating the Clintons, President-Elect Obama has decided to reconstruct almost the entire Clinton administration. Changed be damned. Retreads of the same people and the same old ideas.

Amazing that the people who really believed in change didn’t revolt. The icing on the cake came when Barack Obama left in place the man who has been running the Iraq war for the Secretary of Defense. So much for ending the war.

Let this be a lesson on both sides, politicians will say anything to gain power. The biggest Democratic hawk on the war was Hillary Clinton and she is now the Secretary of State. Obama’s entire campaign was spurious and so void of the truth that this will no doubt be a case study in classrooms for years to come.

One good thing about all this, the Clintons are back in power with all their people, so get ready for the fun. We’ll have a lot to talk about in the near future. Conservatives remember this was the crowd that governed in such a way that it gave birth to the Republican revolution in 1994 and the “Contract With America”. This could be a good thing.

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