Cheney Sets Fire to Beautiful Flowers

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With just a matter of weeks left of the Bush Administration, Dick Cheney leaves behind an Army of people who will miss him. Polls be damned, Dick Cheney remains on the top of the list of Vice Presidents who made a difference.

Normally, the VP post is a do-nothing job with no frills. Cheney sought out to redefined the position and to establish a meaningful role for the Vice Presidency. Clearly, he made his mark.

The debate over the last weekend between Joe Biden and Dick Cheney proves it. It left Vice President-elect Joe Biden seemingly defensive as he tried to prove his own importance with the incoming administration, bragging that Obama has already listened to him and implemented some of his ideas.

What is becoming clearer is the fact that the future generations of Vice Presidents will be comparing their own validity to that of Dick Cheney’s. Cheney’s presence has been so powerful, that future VP’s don’t want to be embarrassed about their level of involvement with their presidents. They, too, want to matter.

So, while Vice President Cheney’s detractors have accused him of everything under the sun outside of setting fire to beautiful flowers, Cheney remains a historic figure that made his own mark on American Politics and history.

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