Bush, The Shoes and Arabian Love

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In a show of condign love, an Iraqi reporter hurled a couple of shoes at the speed of sound at our President. While trying his best to nail Bush in the face with one of his shoes, the reporter yelled, “Here’s your goodbye kiss, you pig!”

After being amazed at our President’s superhuman reflexes, some of us Americans couldn’t help but feel like,  ”Hey, where’s the gratitude?”

Would that reporter rather have Saddam’s rape rooms still in full force? Maybe the reporter missed how Saddam’s sons had first crack on Iraqi wedding nights in consummating their marriages.

At first I thought that this was just one man and there are always lunatics about in every society. However, that thought soon faded when tens of thousands of people took to the streets in support of this lunatic and made him a hero.

When all those people took to the streets with their shoes in hand, it made some of us sick. All that blood shed, all of those American deaths and this is what we get. Billions of dollars spent, all for what?

Bush should forget about the time-line and pack everything up and have every troop leave Arabia now. After we are gone, we should fly a number of cargo jets over their capital and drop thousands of shoes on their heads.

That should be our goodbye kiss.

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