Bush Kept Us Safe Since 9/11

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I’ve heard every conceivable review from every side possible of our President George W. Bush. Most on both sides, not a very shiny review.  So what can we say about our outgoing president, in the holiday spirit, that would be positive?

Well, I, for one, will never forget watching two of our greatest skyscrapers fall right to the ground in the middle of one of our greatest cities. I remember what I felt that day and the days after. I remember the feeling of seeing no airplanes in the sky. I remember the anger I felt. I remember running to my Church and seeing more people there than I’ve ever seen before. I remember the flags everywhere. The feeling of God and country was finally a tangible thing.

Everywhere I drove, flags on every car. Flags on every lawn. Watching the towers burn for months before the fire was officially out. I’ll never forget the feeling I felt that day watching my president stand on that rubble with that bullhorn and screaming that the people that did this will hear from us! Watching him walk out in the middle of the field at the World Series to throw the first pitch. Listening to the stadium scream, “USA! USA! USA!” tears falling down my face. That feeling. That feeling.

I never want to forget that feeling when my country was one.

One thing that I do remember is that at the time and long after that, no one I knew thought that we wouldn’t  be attacked again. Not one. After that to the suffering of everything else, our president, focused on nothing else.

I, for one, would like to thank him for that. It is amazing that at the end of his presidency we didn’t get hit again. Maybe dropping one hundred and fifty thousand troops in their neighborhood had something to do with that. Maybe more people should be grateful.

All of the other subjects in government we debate every day would mean nothing if we were under constant attack. George Bush kept us safe no matter what anyone else could say about him and I, for one, thank him.

I thank him for keeping us safe and I wish him and his classy wife a Merry Christmas.

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