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With Florida’s Senator, Mel Martinez’s, announcement today that he would not seek reelection… the drumbeat begins.

Jeb Bush for Senator. Well, I, for one, would like to never hear the words “Clinton” and “Bush” ever again. Is anyone else out there just a little tired of these two families running things?

Consequently, I have a better chance to hit 6 numbers on the lottery than having these two families go off into the sunset. Conservatives, think twice about any support for another Bush.  I hope there is an understanding among us that holding on to these old-faced politicians whose turn it is now; is a complete disaster.

If a Republican or a conservative believes that this style of politics is going to work in this century, well, everyone, jump the ship now, because that party will never win a national election again.  “The Dole Mccain Theory of the next white, old man who has waited his turn and now it’s time for us to vote for him for President,” insanity is not the future of this party.

We just might come to terms with the fact that we may need some new faces here, folks. Not because of anything that is wrong with Jeb Bush, but rather because we really do need some new people here.  Conservatives this time around, must start a new path and adopt a better understanding that this is no longer a country that will just keep putting white, old men in the White House. Without this fundamental understanding, we must part from this party. We need to support women, Hispanics, and other faces of our party; not white, old men.

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