Bailout Will Go to the Mexicans

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I pondered why if President-Elect Obama believes that you can build the economy from the bottom up, doesn’t he just send us Americans the money instead of the government picking and choosing winners and losers. This prodigious public works program is supposed to put Americans back to work.

However, is there anyone among us who believes when we drive past these roads and bridges being built that they won’t see anything but Mexicans doing the work? If you doubt this, then you have not been on a construction work site lately and have missed who it is rebuilding New Orleans.

A point I have not heard a single human being mention is the fact that a giant public works project will unleash the biggest influx of illegal immigration from Mexico in the history of this country.

A relative I know just recently was in Alabama in a rural area of the state. He had business in a factory there that employs one hundred and fifty people. When he walked into the cafeteria where everyone was having lunch, he noticed that there was not one African-American or Caucasian there. They were all Mexicans in that factory. He asked management whether or not this was a depressed part of the state of Alabama. The man said that it was. He said things were very tough and that it was hard to get work in their area.

My relative asked if, in fact, it is so bad for Alabamans, why isn’t there any locals working at the factory. He said. “What do you mean?” Well, in retort, my relative said everyone out there is Mexican, where are the local people who need jobs? The man just turned his head in shame and said he was not in charge of that.

This is what I mean. The ribald theory that Obama’s ideas of spending money on building roads and bridges sound good on paper to some. In practicality, it will set off a Mexican Exodus of biblical proportions.

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